Flight Training

Fulfilling your Dream to Fly!

Do you have a life-long dream of learning how to fly? Or perhaps you want to be a commercial pilot rather than your current work job? How much do you desire to experience pilot training?

At Richard Aviation what you want matters to us! Whether you want to fulfill your dream of flying or wish to have a pilot career, the best way to start is through us! We will help you achieve your full potential and make your fantasy of flight a reality!

There are many aviation companies offering flight training, but not all can deliver what you truly deserve. More than just ordinary flight simulator and aviation schools in Fort Lauderdale, we aim to share the incomparable feeling of flight while creating a path for you as Certified Professional Airline Pilot. We’ll help ignite your passion for aviation and inspire you to reach towards the sky!

Your #1 Aviation Training Provider

Richards Aviation is a leading aviation company providing a high-quality fleet of aircraft and certified flight training. With our unparalleled service, we take pride of our reputation in providing the Best Flight Training that is most sought-after by every pilot aspirant all across Fort Lauderdale, Florida, South Florida and even Broward County.

Over the years, we have been dedicated in offering top-rated Aviation Training like no other Flight school can offer. We, at Richard Aviation, are fully equipped with all the facilities, accreditations and also backed up with respectable associations in the aviation field.  As one of the most trusted aviation school, we have a good track record of pilots who are now certified domestic and international pilots.

Our pilot professionals have the skills and experience to provide proper training and share knowledge on how to be an airline pilot. Whether it is for career purposes or just recreational private training, we have prepared programs as seamless and thorough as possible for every student.  As you gain aeronautical knowledge, you will also be able to develop practical skills and hone the appropriate behavior expected from a professional pilot. With us, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to fly an aircraft safely and reliably!

What Makes Us The Right Choice?

Looking for Flight Training in Florida? Flight Training in South Florida? How about Flight Training at FXE? Or perhaps Flight Training in Broward County? Richards Aviation is where you can experience the Best Flight Training!

Be one of the best pilots! Our flight training is according to the highest-standard of curriculum. With the right guidance from your professional pilot trainer, you can achieve your fullest potential. Our classes are strategically designed to help you truly experience the life of a pilot. Combined with straightforward lectures, seminars as well as interactive workshops can help you start on the right path.

You can customize our service by being able to choose your Instructor and even choose between Commercial Pilot Training or Recreational Private Training. We care for every student that is why we make sure that you are happy and as comfortable as can be. Plus even get to enjoy amazing Flight Training at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport!

Got more queries? You can easily reach out to us and we will provide a thorough insight of the syllabus and overall training program, along with reasonable training rates. So feel free to contact us today!