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Soar high towards your dream of becoming a professional pilot with Richards Aviation! There is no better Fort Lauderdale Flight School & Aircraft Rental Service than us. Servicing every person who aspires to be a commercial pilot or with the simple desire to learn recreationally, we have a wide range of aircraft that’s ready for rental.

No matter what you need, we got it! For being Florida’s most trusting Flight & Aircraft Rental Service, you can expect customized service packages with the lowest and most reasonable service rates!
For any inquiries about the curriculum of our Flight School courses, training programs and types of aircraft and other inclusion for rental packages, you can easily reach us throughout customer service hotline. Once you apply and secure your spot in any of our services, you will receive a confirmation and further instructions on how to start enjoying your desired programs or training and service plans.

To learn more of the courses and training programs, you can reach us through the following contact details:

Phone: 954-292-7608
Fax: 954-527-2623

Get the best flying experience with the most affordable service rates!

Make an appointment to discuss the training course and be able to customize it the way you want it!

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